Europacable recommendations to upcoming EU Action Plan on Grids

Power grid expansion, modernisation and upgrade both at transmission and distribution level will be needed for Europe and EU Member States to reach their decarbonisation targets. This will result in an expected three-fold demand increase for high and extra high voltage land and subsea power cables in Europe between 2020 and 2030. The substantial investments recently announced by European cable and wire manufacturers are a clear sign of the industry’s commitment to empower Europe’s decarbonisation.

Hence, it will be critical for the European Commission to ensure that the entire supply chain is empowered and able to respond to demand.

The upcoming EU Action Plan on Grids should reflect the following requests to provide the European Wire and Cable Industry with the needed:

1️⃣ VISIBILITY: A longer term demand visibility beyond 2030 to allow the industry to secure investments in additional manufacturing capacity;

2️⃣ VIABILITY: A consistent policy making approach recognising and not undermining the European manufacturing base;

3️⃣ FAIRNESS: A level playing field, ensuring the competitive availability of raw materials for cable production in Europe; and

4️⃣ COHERENCE: A realistic approach covering all aspects of grid development going from permitting to financing, from skilled workforce to public acceptance as they all represent essential pieces of the same puzzle.

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