Keeping EU citizens fire safe in all buildings – EU Manifesto for 2024-2029

Keeping EU citizens fire safe in all buildings : 18 organisations including Europacable launched a fire safety manifesto for 2024-2029. Fire experts, consumers and industry organisations call on the European union to develop a fire safety strategy to support Member States, coordinate action and supplement their action when needed. The objectives cover prevention, fire statistics, skills, research, energy transition policies, standards, essential fire safety requirements, market surveillance, collaboration between Member States and availability of firefighters.

Commenting on the initiative, Theresa Griffin, chair of the Forum for European Electrical Domestic Safety highlighted:

“The recent EU Fire Safety Week showed there is an urgent need to act at EU level. Existing fire risks remain perilously unmitigated and new challenges are arising. The EU must play an important coordinating role in fire safety as it impacts and is impacted by several of its core objectives.”