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«The digitalisation and electrification is fundamentally changing Europe´s infrastructure needs. Cables will be key. Through Europacable, our industry works to enable this revolution in Brussels and across Europe.»

Europacable is the voice of Europe’s leading wire and cable producers. High-quality, sustainable power and telecommunication cables, produced by our members in Europe, empower electrification and digitalization of our societies. Founded in 1991, Europacable represents the largest cable makers in the world providing global technology leadership, as well as highly specialized small and medium sized businesses from across Europe.

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With our future being ever more electrified and digitalised, cable technology will be the core backbone of Europe's energy and telecommunication infrastructures. Sustainable, low-carbon manufacturing and high-performance cables are essential to achieve Europe’s climate neutrality objectives by 2050. Europacable is committed to the principles of free enterprise and fair trade. Our members employ over 80.000 people of which more than 50% in Europe, generating a worldwide turnover over € 70 billion in 2021.

Europacable is listed in the European Commission’s transparency register under 453103789-92.

Europacable is a member of EuroFSA, FEEDS, Orgalim, RGI, WindEurope and a partner of CENELEC and EUEW.

Our future will be ever more electrified and digitalised. Wire and cable products will be the core backbone of Europe´s future energy and communication infrastructures.

Against this background, Europacable is committed:

  • to be recognized as a fully transparent lobby organization, representing the wire and cable industry in relevant EU policy debates;
  • to be a trusted source of technical information on wire and cable products and to be actively engaged in relevant standardization processes;
  • to raise the visibility of the European cable and wire industry, a unique industry joining SMEs and globally operating firms, striving to secure Europe´s technology leadership.
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As a non-profit association registered in Belgium, Europacable AISBL is governed by an Executive Board, elected by the membership. Four Board members represent the different Europacable Teams – Energy, Digital, Industry, Sustainability – and 2 Board members represent the SME membership. The Europacable Teams are supported by technical committees. A permanent special interest group works on Medium Voltage Accessories.

Any Europacable meeting or activity is conducted in strict coherence with EU Competition rules.  

President and Vice Presidents

Mr. C. Guerin, CEO Nexans (President)
Mrs. M. Cupiał-Zgryzek, CEO Tele-Fonika Kable (Vice President)
Mr. A. Tremmel, Managing Partner SKB-Group (Vice President) 

Europacable Executive Board

Mr. H. Nieman (Chair Executive Board)
Mr. J. Hueber (Chair Building and Industrial Applications Team)
Mr. M. Del Brenna (Chair Energy Infrastructure Team)
Mr. P. Vanhille (Chair Communication Infrastructure Team)
Mrs. S. Barbeau (Chair Sustainability Team)
Mr. N. Rousselet (Chair Europacable Technical Management Group)
Mr. C. Westerlind
Mr. M. Nitschke
Mr. M. Goblet (SME Representative)
Mr. A. Tremmel (SME Representative)


Dr. Volker Wendt

Alberto Lampasona
Senior Director Public Affairs

Helena Le Goff-Jedrzejowicz
Director Technical and Standardisation

Louis Obry
Public Affairs Officer