Cable technology can turn distribution grids into active players in future electricity system

“Innovation can revolutionise Europe’s distribution grids: Cable technology developed by European manufacturers offers tangible solutions which turn distribution infrastructure into an active player by, for example, exploiting the potential of bringing data into power cables via fibre, as it is already the case at transmission level. Solutions would, amongst others, allow for grid monitoring and assessment, IoT activities as well as deliver detailed information about grid functioning.” This was the message Mr. Raymond Petrus, chair of the Europacable Energy Distribution Team conveyed at the 5th E.DSO Stakeholder & Innovation Council held in Frankfurt on 30th November 2022.

E.DSO has released a dedicated Conclusion Paper which summarizes the interventions of the participants to the event, including leaders of the distribution sector and energy associations representing solar-PV, customers, and manufacturers, together with regulators and standardisation associations.

To read the E.DSO Conclusions Paper please click HERE