Energy – and grid – resilience part of key messages to policymakers at the 2024 Munich Security Conference

Europacable welcomes the Energy Resilience Leadership Group (ERLG) recommendations to Munich Security Conference on the need for a long-term visibility and viability to ensure Europe’s sovereignty in terms of grid technology provisions.

ERLG presented the following five pillars for a future “European Energy Resilience Strategy”:

  1. Build a Business Case for the Green Deal and Leverage the Single Market
  2. Secure Europe’s Energy Infrastructure
  3. Make Europe’s Power Grid More Interconnected and Fit for Purpose
  4. Design and Prioritize New Market Instruments
  5. Empower the EIB to De-risk and Fund (Emerging) Clean Technologies

The third pillar on “Make Europe’s Power Grid More Interconnected and Fit for Purpose” recommends to:

First, improve long-term visibility on infrastructure planning and underpin it with binding political commitments that encourage financial commitments to ramp up supply chains. Second, significantly simplify procurement of electricity grids to industrialize manufacturing and speed up project cycles. This will enable continued investment by industry and, therefore, future regional supply of grid technologies.”