Europacable and GAIA-X: Together towards a European Data infrastructure

Europacable is a Day-1 founding member of GAIA-X, a European project whose aim is to create a proposal for the next generation of a data infrastructure for Europe: a secure, federated system that meets the highest standards of digital sovereignty while promoting innovation.

Credit: ksjdhkjh

The project recently launched counts nearly 180 members representing a variety of 15 European countries.

Commenting the project launch, Llyr Roberts, Chair of the Europacable Datacable Team stated:

“Europacable is proud to support GAIA-X from the very outset of the project. We´re keen to offer our input as data cables and systems will be the core backbone infrastructure for Europe´s new, future data ecosystem. This system will be key to drive innovation and foster secure data driven services and applications in Europe.”

For more information about GAIA-X, please click HERE