Europacable calls for stronger cooperation to improve fire safety compliance of products

Within the framework of the European Fire Safety Week 2022, Europacable organised a webinar on Enforcing fire safety requirements in Europe: How to ensure stricter compliance?

The online event brought together relevant actors from EU Institutions, Member States Authorities, Notified Bodies, Fire Services and the Industry who discussed common actions on how to improve fire safety of products all accross Europe. 

All stakeholders in the Fire safety ecosystem have a role to play in ensuring that only compliant products in line with fire safety requiremetns are put on the market. Participants agreed to work together on developping a common approach, possibly guidelines, to ensure that stronger and stricter compliance is enforced in Europe.

Regarding the outcome of the webinar Krzysztof Biskup, Chair of the European Fire Safety Alliance, commented “Product compliance is a prerequisite for fire safety and enforcement is key to ensure that ‘people get what they are promised’. The European Fire Safety Action Plan stresses the need for improved market surveillance. Therefore, we strongly encourge all key players in the fire safety ecosystem to work together to promote stricter compliance and fire safety”.

The recordings of the online event will be soon available on the EuroFSA website via the link below.