Europacable welcomes a close cooperation with wholesalers to ensure products’ compliance and promoting fire safety

Europacable has been invited by the European Union of Electrical Wholesalers (EUEW) at their annual business convention in Barcelona.

In his interventions, Mr. Nicola Scirocco, chair of the Europacable CPR Compliance and Communication WG, welcomed the commitment by wholesalers to help ensuring that only CPR-compliant cables are sold in the EU and in promoting fire safety.

Those requests were supported by the outcome of a survey on CPR awareness commissioned earlier this year by Europacable. The survey which gathered 1500 qualified respondents across Europe shows that 61% of professionals, and 69% of distributors, think that non-CPR compliant cables are sold and used on their markets.

This is why wholesalers become even more relevant players in actively educating the market. They can contribute by:

  • Sharing information on CPR compliance of the products they sell as many end-users look for information on distributors’ websites;
  • Providing information on the adequate use of cables based on their performance and national regulations as users have trust in wholesalers;
  • Setting the scene in terms of fire safety and level playing field by contributing to educate the market.

Hence, Mr. Scirocco welcomed the closer cooperation with EUEW as CPR compliance and fire safety need to go hand in hand.