European Commission initiates anti-dumping investigation on single mode optical fibre cable imports from China into the European Union

Europacable welcomes the initiation of the anti-dumping investigation regarding the imports of single-mode optical fibre cables from China into the European Union by the European Commission

Europacable and its member companies will actively assist and support the European Commission in the efforts to restore a level playing field in the European market for optical fibre cables. Europacable members are strongly committed to maintain and, where necessary, to seek to restore, fair conditions of competition for the entire range of wire and cable products they represent on the European market.

Wire and cable products are essential technologies that are used by the backbone infrastructures which are at the core of the European Union’s digitalisation and decarbonisation ambitions.

Europe absolutely needs to maintain a strong and technologically advanced optical cable industry which urgently needs to ensure that it remains viable in this very challenging environment.

To read the notice of initiation of the investigation, please click HERE