Follow Europacable panel session at the FTTH Conference: 23 – 25 May 2022!

The FTTH Conference 2022 is the world’s largest fibre summit. Europacable will join the next edition planned for 23-25 May 2022 in Vienna. Europacable Secretary-General, Dr. Volker Wendt, will speak during the panel on Sustainability action plans in the FTTH industry, scheduled for 25th May 2022 from 9:15 to 10:30 CET

Targeting 3,500+ participants from 1,000+ companies and over 100 countries, the FTTH Conference is unique in bringing together ‘C’ level representatives, investors, technical and regulatory experts to discuss and debate all aspects of FTTH, 5G and other fibre related and enabled technologies and services and the benefit they bring to society.

With 20 expert workshops, 16 conference sessions and keynote speeches presented by over 150 expert speakers, plus two day exhibition with leading fibre technology vendors, the FTTH Conference 2022 will provide the participants with an unrivalled experience.

The FTTH Conference will meet physical again in Vienna on 23-25 May 2022. This will be the opportunity to meet hundreds of delegates and more than 80 exhibitors and partners, showcasing the latest fibre, FTTH products & solutions and introducing the latest industry trends.