Improving the resilience of Europe’s digital infrastructure

Europacable welcomes today’s European Commission’s publications How to master Europe’s digital infrastructure needs and “Recommendation on Secure and Resilient Submarine Cable Infrastructures”. These documents call on Member states to raise the resilience of Europe’s digital and telecom networks through stronger coordination of security measures as well as an increased focus on industrial resilience.

They acknowledge digital infrastructure as a key enabler of economic development, and highlight the need to further secure and to invest in these technologies.

The key conclusion is that the EU should assess and mitigate the risk of dependency on non-EU suppliers. To do so, the EU needs to foster innovation, boost R&I and secure appropriate IP rights.

A substantial emphasis is put on Submarine Cable Data Infrastructure with a dedicated Recommendation. The focus is again on mapping vulnerabilities and stress testing infrastructure. The goal is to enhance Europe’s strategic autonomy by strengthening its industrial capabilities, technological leadership & fleet responsiveness.