The Road to Net Zero: Standards for the All-Electric Society

On 5 December 2023, CEN and CENELEC will be hosting a hybrid stakeholders’ workshop on standards for the All-Electric Society.

Electricity plays a key role to achieve climate neutrality and the Green Deal objectives. Today, with the Industry 4.0 and new forms of mobility, infrastructure, energy storage, and smart buildings, we are facing the largest electrification effort since the introduction of the electrical grid over 130 years ago. However, what does it mean for products and systems to generate, store, and use 100% carbon-free electricity and how can we absorb the consequences of this expansion?

The main issues tackled in the workshop will be:

  • What is the current European landscape of the All-Electric Society?
  • How can European, consensus-oriented processes contribute to a broader acceptance of the All-Electric Society?
  • Why are interoperable solutions and technical concepts essential to meet societal objectives such as decarbonization and greater energy independence?
  • Where can standardization support political initiatives such as the Digital Product Passport, the Data Spaces, Smart Contracts, and the Net-Zero Industry Act?

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