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MV Accessories

Accessories connect or terminate High, Medium and Low Voltage Power Cables

Cable Accessories provide reliable connections for the wide variety of cables in use in today´s energy networks. Cable Accessories are also used to terminate cables or to connect to electrical equipment.

Around the world, energy utilities are using Cable Accessories for maintenance and extension of their electricity network and for the use in power generation. In addition, Cable Accessories are used in various industrial markets such as railway networks, trains, industrial buildings, mining, shipyards, oil & gas, wind turbines etc.. Low Voltage Cable Accessories may also be purchased by electricians for domestic installations. Key decision factors are: reliability, ease of installation, compliance with International Standards and Specifications and conformity to Quality standards like ISO9001. In addition there is an increasing trend towards products with a low carbon foot print and which are ecologically friendly.

High quality Cable Accessories ensure network reliability leading to reduced power supply interruptions and to a safer working environment. Modern cable and Cable Accessories have also led to more cost efficient undergrounding of the network which again dramatically improves the reliability of the network. When a cable accessory fails in service, the most common cause is an error during the installation. Appropriate product training of installers minimizes the probability of a cable accessory failure in the network. Particularly in older networks, installers need to understand the preparation of different cable types, as often they will have to connect new cable types to very old paper cables types. The right selection of Cable Accessories together with appropriate training of the installers will secure a long lifetime of the cable accessory.

It is in this context that the Europacable Accessories Group (ACC) promotes high-quality European underground cable solutions for distribution networks and works to improve the technical standards within Cenelec and IEC. The ACC has several objectives:

  • to improve the technical standards relating to cable accessories;
  • to define necessary qualification programs for accessories installers;
  • to promote the use of high quality accessories through media campaigns, lobbying and education;
  • to inform about developing technologies;
  • to issue statistical information about the European market.

ACC´s members fully comply with the Europacable Code of Conduct.